Martineau receives the 2018 Luxury Forms Award !

For 19 years, the Prix Formes de Luxe has rewarded the creative marriage between brands and suppliers, combining authenticity, inventiveness, quality of production achievement and innovation in the luxury sector.

Martineau stamps finely crafted medals

With three workshops that are over one hundred years old, Martineau lends prestige to its work in metal, wood and resin.
In this way, it keeps alive one of the rarest French areas of expertise, giving meaning to each of its products.

Customized badges

Through its expertise, Martineau, a master medalist, has over time become a specialist in items of belonging: badges, lapel pins, and cufflinks.

Decorations suited to your commemorations

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Martineau’s medals, insignia and decoration kits guarantee reliability and robustness for many years.

Luxury items

Our wire hoods, cufflinks, perfume plates, brooches, leather-goods accessories, and tokens are the focus of close attention and fine craftsmanship, combining procedure improvement and production techniques to satisfy customers and create unique items.

Customized souvenirs

To help you develop, Martineau provides effective merchandising and offer-enhancing tools: key rings, magnets, medals, lapel pins, brooches, customized jewelry, and more.

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Martineau, master medalist

Religious medals, rosaries, stoppers, ribbon bars, key rings…

Martineau is a French firm recognized for the high quality of its products and services. Aware of the rarity of its craftsmanship, Martineau today shares a precious French area of expertise: production of accessories that convey meaning, such as religious medals, rosaries, decorations, insignia, badges, souvenirs, jewelry and metal items for the luxury industry.

Religious <br/>jewelry


Martineau’s religious jewelry is a range of gifts for christenings and other religious events: from rosaries and bracelets to medals, crosses, and one-decade rosaries.

Customized <br/>badges


Discover Martineau’s items of belonging: badges, lapel pins, brooches, and cufflinks designed to meet the requirements of your market: institutions, firms, etc.

Insignia <br/>& decorations

& decorations

Martineau’s kits include ribbon bars, ribbon bars with medal bars, and hanging-medal bars that can be easily adapted and tailored to your official awards ceremonies.

Martineau <br/>luxury items

luxury items

Martineau produces brand plates, caps, medals, zipper pullers, braces, stoppers, and wire hoods designed for leather goods, perfumes, cosmetics and spirits.

Customized <br/>souvenirs


To adjust to your world of tourism or commemorations, Martineau produces custom key rings, magnets, jewelry, and other customized accessories designed for a particular site, etc.

Why choose Martineau ?

Present in Europe and worldwide, Martineau attaches much importance to the quality of its products made in its manufacturing workshops in Saumur and Ambert (respectively in the Maine-et-Loire and Puy-de-Dôme departments of France).

Products adapted to professionals

Styles suited to professionals

With three workshops over one hundred years old, Martineau designs, makes and gives meaning to each of its products. Several styles of religious jewelry, decorations, insignia, souvenirs, and luxury items: religious medals, decorative and official medals, ribbon bars, medal bars, key rings, and more.

Martineau services

Martineau shares its skills as a master medalist to support and advise you in your creative projects to ensure their success.

With its outstanding expertise, Martineau was awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (living-heritage company) by France’s Economy Ministry in 2010, an accolade that was renewed in 2015. The label honors firms that practice craftsmanship belonging to a heritage of French manufacturing.



Over the centuries, Martineau has always combined traditional French expertise with modernness to adapt to demand from customers both in terms of quality and budget, to offer wide-ranging collections of religious medals, rosaries, decorations, insignia, badges, souvenirs, jewelry and metal items for the luxury industry.

French made

Made in France

High quality

High quality

Customized products

Custom products

Professionals nearby

Professionals nearby

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